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The A803 - Springburn Expressway

The A803 Springburn Expressway is a north to south route linking the northern districts of the city to the M8 Inner Ring Road at Townhead. It passes through Springburn. Originally envisaged in "A Highway Plan for Glasgow", it was one of the later road schemes to be built, opening in phases between 1984 and 1990.


During planning and construction the scheme was known as “Springburn Road Realignment” and its route on the whole follows the original Springburn Road. The upgrade was a mixture of offline and online upgrade with the provision of upgraded mostly at-grade junctions and a grade separated interchange at Hawthorn Street.


Key Facts & Figures

Last Updated: 05th March 2017


LOCATION: Glasgow City. The A803 Springburn Expressway was built in several stages. Details of each stage are listed below.

Springburn Road Re-allignment Phase 1:

Keppochhill Road To Hawthorn Street

Completed: July 1984

Designer: Strathclyde Regional Council

Contractor: Lilley Construction     Cost: £13million


Springburn Road Re-allignment Phases 2&3:

Townhead interchange to Keppochhill Road

Completed: June 1990

Designer: Strathclyde Regional Council

Contractor: TBC    Cost: £8.2million

Springburn Expressway Text

Townhead Interchange Stages 2 & 3:

Castle Street to Royston Road

Completed: 1984/85

Designer: Strathclyde Regional Council

Contractors: TBC     Cost: TBC

MISC: Construction of the mid-sections of the route required considerable demolition of property. This was carried out as part of Comprehensive Redevelopment Area works in the early 1970s. In the mid-70s there were complaints about development "blight" whilst pockets of land were left empty for the future route.


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